Finding your coordinates

There are many ways that you can find your GPS coordinates. If you have one, a handheld GPS device is the most accurate method as it will record your exact position.

Send us the coordinates as they appear on your screen. Keep in mind that weather and obstructions to your view of the sky can lower the absolute accuracy of your readings.

If you do not have a GPS device, you can use Google Maps 

– Using Google Maps –

  • Find your location by typing in your address on Google Maps or the name of the place you wish to find.
  • Switch from Map to Satellite view by clicking on the photo in the lower left that looks like this.


The satellite images provide very accurate GPS coordinate information, but street addresses may not. After searching for a location, you may need to move your placemark to the exact visual point that you want your GPS coordinates to represent.

  • Once you have located your position, click on the map to “drop” a pin or marker.
  • As soon as you do this you will see an information box appear at the lower edge of the Google Map like this:

Your Latitude and Longitude are shown at the lower edge of this white box. Click on the coordinates and this box will appear in the upper left corner of your screen.

Copy the coordinates and paste them into our order form. 

Thats it!

We will contact you by phone or email before placing the order for production to confirm your coordinates and answer any other questions you may have.  

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.