A reminder of what is most important.

Thank you for being here.  A simple idea that I had based on my affection for our family cottage and the memories that four generations have created there has struck a chord with people around the world.  As we struggle with today’s many uncertainties it turns out that Happitude is a great reminder of how important the simple things in…


The Pursuit of Happitude

The Beckwith and Barrow Gallery, lofted above Bistro Zinc in Lenox, looks at a glance like any other art gallery. Prints and paintings — the work of landscape photographer Scott Barrow and his wife, Karen Beckwith, respectively — hang throughout the well-lit interior and lie canted against the walls.

Remember Your Wedding With Happitude GPS Hats

Remember Your Wedding with Happitude GPS Hats DestinationBride.com  by Katie O’Malley When we discovered Happitude hats we were, well, I guess you could say… happy! This unique and incredibly personal product is perfect for the bride and groom who want to remember their wedding location now and forever in clever style. Scott Barrow is the…